Arizona desert driving

The deserts of the American west have been an cultural symbol for pioneer spirit, exploration and adventure. Its geological formations are equal in splendor to those of Utah. And thanks to a bunch of film makers, it has become the backdrop of decades of “Western Films” that fill the memories with red dusty landscapes. Come take a gander with me!


The mountains of Southern China

Since I was a child, I remember seeing Chinese wood carvings and calligraphic ink paintings of a place half way around the world where the mountains jut up out of the river bed of the Li River.  Once I was a passport-worthy global citizen, I sought it out and discovered for myself why this region has beguiled millions of artists through the centuries.

Seeking the Sabar of Senegal

One of my favorite drumming styles is the “Sabar Wolof” style from Senegal.  After studying the technique, I went to Senegal to listen to some of the contemporary masters at the International Festival of Folklore and Percussion at Louga, Senegal.  (  I met one of my lifelong heroes and discovered the beautiful coast of Senegal and Casamance.