New Photo Book on Maya Ruins

In my newest book on Amazon, I take the reader across the peninsula of Yucatán, Mexico and further into the Peten jungle of Belize and Guatemala to explore 20+ archeological ruins of the Maya of Central America. This civilization dominated the eastern Mexican region for thousands of years, peaking in the Classic Period of between 200-900 AD. They built magnificent monuments and pyramids to symbolize their mythical conjunction between the underworld, the temporal world and the celestial worlds. They believed it was their duty to manifest the harmony of all these realms through specific ritual practice and calendar observation, preserving the balance of all being for the Maize People. The historical cities were mostly abandoned in 900 AD due to an ecological disaster, leaving many of the early ruins in tact. Please explore this amazing culture through a photo tour of the major historical sites in the region.

Maya Monuments of Yucatán: A photographic tour of archeological sites of Mexico, Belize and Guatemala:án-photographic-archeological/dp/B09HP7LBXG


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