New photo journey book on SE Asia

In my next book in the travel photography series, I take the reader on an exploration of archeological, historical and religious highlights of my travels across the southern region of Asia spanning India to Indonesia. (A subsequent book will feature travel across northern Asia.)

With this book I take the reader through a whirlwind overview of my favorite destinations from several decades of travel across these countries. My overview isn’t a guidebook with logistics like a Lonely Planet. Rather, it’s meant to be flipped through and scanned like a National Geographic or travel magazine.

My hope is that some of these images will help inspire you to plan your next voyage to the region. When debating where to travel, I would often page through the photographer highlights sections of travel books. I often wished those books contained more pictures. So my “Through the Lens” travel series will try to provide that level of overview for inspiring future explorers.

When you’re done reading it, drop it off in a dentist office waiting room to inspire other future travelers!

Southeast Asia Through the Lens: A photographic tour of Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, Indonesia, India, Nepal & Sri Lanka:

Digital versions of my photos can be previewed in the following galleries on 500 Pixels: