LeapingAroundTheWorld Books on Apple Books marketplace

It is with great pleasure that I announce my travel photography books have been accepted for the Apple Books marketplace. I’m offering the digital versions at substantial discount over the paperback and hardback books because Apple allows me to save on publishing cost and shipping cost.

If you decide to purchase these, please consider reading them on tablet devices because the images in my books are very large and download of the books may therefore be costly in terms of cellular bandwidth required to download the books over wireless data. (I recommend downloading on wifi connections.) Large images also do not display well on small phone screens and I’d love for you to experience my travels in full screen splendor.

Please also be aware that there is another author named Christopher Arnold who writes psychology books on Apple Books. Those books are great I’m sure. But they are not mine, nor are they about travel.

Thank you for visiting my site and stay tuned for more leaping adventures around the world to come later this year!


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