Kyoto, Japan

The “spiritual heart” of Japan is a place I’ve journeyed to many times when I lived in Japan.  The importance of this city lies in the fact that Kyoto and Nara were the previous capitals of Japan during the era that Buddhism arrived and became a mainstream philosophy for the country.  Visit one of my two favorite cities and discover the allure:


Coblog- Journey to Annapurna

Continuation of the adventures of four travelers in the Himalayan range of Nepal.  In which our travelers ascend to elevations of 2 miles to witness stunning mountains and to absorb fresh cosmic rays raining down in the upper atmosphere.

Brazil from North to South

The Portuguese settlers to the Americas created one of the largest countries in South America with a vast diversity of peoples and culture.  In an attempt to capture some of the variety I took several trips to various regions of the country.  The tale is perhaps best captured in animated fashion.  So this post will be heavy with video and sound.