Many years ago I worked with an engineer from Russia at one of my early startup companies. He first piqued my curiosity to visit. It was over a decade later that I finally had a chance to visit Moscow.

It’s a fun to pick up Cyrillic alphabet as a challenge to then phonetically sound out street signs as you walk about. Much of the city feels like any large American city until you go to Red Square, where a cluster of museums are scattered about in the center of the nation’s capital city.

The Kremlin is a large walled fortress that sits on the side of Red Square.  You can go get a ticket to gain admission to the Kremlin and the well maintained gardens and grounds where the political branch of the government is housed.

Inside the Kremlin walls is a small cluster of cathedrals intricately decorated in Sobomaya Square.  While their exteriors seem modern and pristine, all white and gold, their interiors appear ancient and solemn.

The churches of Red Square itself appear whimsical by contrast.  My favorite is Saint Basil’s cathedral, which looks like it came straight out of a Dr. Seuss cartoon!

Dotted around the grounds of the Kremlin and Red Square are historical and natural history museums that you can add to your visit pass.  One could easily pass two days to see all the sites here.

Hiking around the city’s hills in the early morning light was very refreshing.  The fall climate was chilly but invigorating.  The people I met on my wanderings were very cordial and friendly.  Many people I talked to there suggested I make Saint Petersburg on the coast of the Baltic Sea my next visit!

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