Los Angeles

One of the largest cities in the United States started from humble beginnings along a river in California.  It was a trade market that was a fusion of Native American, Mexican and European immigrant cultures.  Now this sprawling city is still one of the largest cultural and media hubs of the world.  For a few…

Good Cop, Fake Cop and Other Adventures

Sometimes, things don’t go so well on travels. During those times, it’s great to turn to local police to help you. Here are a couple of tales I’d like to tell at the request of friends. I remember in the 1970 film version of “Superman” in which Marlon Brando portrayed Jor-El, packing up his son…


Visit the fabled streets of the Renaissance in Florence.  Boat along the canals of the merchants of Venice.  Gander at the volcano peak of Mount Vesuvius from the ruins of Pompeii.   Italy is a destination that will beckon you for many visits as it has me.  https://leapingaroundtheworld.wordpress.com/italy/

Sri Lanka

Visit the tea plantations in the mountains of Kandy or climb one of the eight-wonders-of-the-world, the Lion Mountain of Sigiriya.  A land of verdant jungles and beaches lined with fruit trees.  Sri Lanka has had a culinary and mystic lure for many over the millennia.  https://leapingaroundtheworld.wordpress.com/sri-lanka/